Pastor Paul Adeleye

Paul Adeleye, formerly Mohamed Adeleye is a former five daily prayer, practicing Muslim. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Chemistry from the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria, a Master’s degree in Evangelism, Church Growth and Missions from Newburgh College, Indiana-USA, an advance diploma in ministry with merit from Christ the Redeemers college, UK. He is a trained disciple from Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries, school of disciples.

Paul Adeleye is street preacher or street witness, a teacher of the word of God and prayers. He has preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in churches, on the streets or one to one in the UK, Germany, Nigeria, Netherlands, Spain, Cyrus and the United States of America. He is an author of two books: 1. How can we know the way (2007). 2. Winning the lost to Jesus (2012), an active blogger on wordpress, with several Christian literatures or writings that have been accessed and read in over 100 countries.

A one time volunteer support teacher, helping to teach Religious Education or the bible through an organisation called faith in schools in the United Kingdom. He has also led a school assembly as a Christian religious leader in the United Kingdom.

Paul Adeleye has worked as a school Teacher, teaching chemistry and mathematics. He underwent training with IBFC Agusto training and Restral Consulting Nigeria to start a career in the banking sector in Nigeria. He worked with Platinum Bank Ltd from 2000-2003 as Cash & Teller, Head Cash & Teller, Cash Officer, Banking Business/Relationship. He left the bank as an Investment Analyst (I.A) in 2003.

Paul Adeleye has also worked as a Practice Manager, Solicitors (2004-2008) after undertaking trainings in Solicitors Account Rules, Financial or Business Growth, Money Laundering or proceeds of crime act with Altior consulting in the UK.

During his university days, known as Mohamed Adeleye, he led the University of Lagos students union as president in 1997/1998. Where he is remembered for a peaceful and successful tenure in 1997/1998 school year, the days of the late Nigeria military ruler, General Sani Abacha. He received a letter of commendation from the university authorities.

Paul Adeleye is married to Wunmi Adeleye, they are blessed with children.

Pastor Wunmi Adeleye

Wunmi Adeleye holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of East London, UK, a masters degree in Christian Counselling from Newburgh College, Indiana-USA, a bachelors degree in Estate Management from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.. An advance diploma in ministry from Christ the Redeemers college, UK. She is a trained disciple of Jesus Christ from Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries, school of disciples.

Wunmi Adeleye is a preacher of the word, a street witness and a woman of prayer. She has authored several confessional booklets titled: A day with the Holy Ghost. She organise a one day yearly retreat for ladies who desire to be refilled, re-charged and be empowered with a themed: A day with the Holy Ghost.

She is also the visionary of Let’s Talk About It, a forum to discuss practical ways of improving and maintaining the total wellbeing of a woman in all facets of life.

Pastor Wunmi has worked as an estate surveyor, a customer service officer with a building society, Finacorp building society, a customer service officer with Platinum Bank, Nigeria. She has also served as a church administrator, account assistant in the UK. She is a Christian counsellor and works in the education sector in the UK.

She is married to Pastor Paul Adeleye, they are blessed with children.

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