Winning The Lost to Jesus

The need for effective soul winning in our cities and nations cannot be overemphasised. It involves marketing a product and needless to say, we have I life saving and life giving Product (Jesus), yet we are not marketing this life l giving Product enough. We have allowed marketers of life destroying products (false religions and doctrines) to take over the market which is the world. The result of this is that the world is overshadowed with thick darkness. Until we take a stand and resolve to market Jesus, the world will continue to be in the dark. The Bible refers to believers as the light of the world, are we providing This book, ‘Winning the Lost to Jesus’ is written to encourage and empower believers to witness effectively so as to fulfil the Great Commission in Mark 16:15. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I have provided insight on the


Jesus said; “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to all creatures” Mark 16:15.

Obedience to this action word reveals the optimal value any believer in Christ Jesus places on the death and resurrection of Jesus for the redemption and justification of the saints. Good enough, the author of this lofty work leaves no stone unturned on who to go to, where are they and how to go about it. In this book, Pastor Paul Adeleye talks about rewards attached to reaching out to the perishing souls. Discover more guides imperative to soul winning as laid out by the author.

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