Sermon: Oh God, Stop All My Enemies Before They Stop Me!

Sermon: Oh God, Stop All My Enemies Before They Stop Me!
Oh God, Stop All My Enemies Before They Stop Me!

Texts: Jeremiah 40:14-16, Jer 41:2, John 10:10, 1John3:8, 1 Peter 5:8, Luke 10:19

Prayers: 1. Oh God arise now, stop all my enemies before they stop me.
2. Oh God arise now, stop all the enemies of my glorious destiny, marriage, finances before they stop me.
3. Oh God appear now, let all my enemies fall down and perish at your presence.

The devil is moving about looking for his next victim. 1Peter5:8. Job1:7
Prayers: In the name of Jesus, Satan, I am covered by the blood of Jesus. I am not your victim.
Job was minding his business when the enemy struck (Job Chapter 1&2) (Job1:9-11, Job2:3)
Jesus told Peter Satan has asked for you but I have prayed for you (Luke22:31-32)
Peter had no knowledge satan wanted to destroy him because of his destiny (Luke5:10)
Thank God for the prayer of Jesus.

Prayers: 1. Lord Jesus like you prayed for Peter, please pray for me. In Jesus name.
2. Oh my Father, any accusation or request from satan concerning me and my family, let it be completely rejected.
Satan is looking for someone to stop, he will not stop us. Governor Gedaliah (Jer40:14-16, Jer41:2) never believed Ishmael would kill him. He made a mistake that cost him his life.
Prayers: 1. Oh my Father, let me not make any mistake that will cut short my life or terminate my destiny.
2. My Father, the Man of war, send Your angel to stand as an adversary against anyone on an evil errand to harm me or cut my destiny short.

How does the devil stop people.
1. Through unseen spiritual forces. Ephesians6:12, There is war going on right now.
Oh God arise, fight all my battles for me, let me never be defeated.
Witchcrafts, occult powers, divination are some of the weapons Satan uses to stop people. Galatinas3:1, Nahum3:4-6(KJV)
I decree no weapon formed against me shall proper. Isa54:17
I decree whosoever gather together against me shall fall for my sake. Isa54:15
I trample upon all the power of the devil, nothing shall hurt me. Luke10:19.
Sickness is an enemy to stop or incapacitate someone. John5:1-15, Is53:5
Poverty is an enemy to stop someone financially. Pro11:24, 2Corithians8:9
Barrenness, miscarriages, delay in getting marriage are enemies to stop someone enjoying the blessing of fruitfulness and multiplication. Gen1:28 Gen2:24, Ex23:26
Sin is an enemy to cut someone off from God and prevent answers to prayers. John9:31, Isa59:1-2

2. Through human agents.
Haman was out to stop Mordecai and the Jews. Esther6:4, Esther3:8-12
Jezebel stopped Naboth for his vineyard. 1Kings21:1-16. We have an inheritance in Christ, the devil is interested in stopping us for enjoying it. The devil is a lair. Soul Hunters: Ezekiel13:18-21

3. Through disobedience or sin.
Satan stopped Adam and Eve from enjoying continuous fellowship with God. Gen3:1-22
Potiphars wife was out to stop Joseph, Gen39:9
Delilah ensured Samson did not fulfil his destiny to the full. (Judges6:1-22)
Anger was the enemy that kept Moses from entering the promise land. Deu3:23-28, Numbers20:8-12.
Your enemy can be sin. Oh God Stop all my enemies before the stop me.

How do I Stop the devil
1. Through Jesus. He is the only one that the can help us stop the devil. Phil2:9-11
Safety is in only one name, Jesus. Roman10:13, Acts2:21, Pro18:10. Palm readers, occultist, diviners, herbalist are on the side of the devil.
They make the situation worst.
2. Know Your God. Daniel11:32
3. Be bold and fearless. Pro28:1, Pro30:30, Gen15:1. God is our shield. Psalm91.
4. Know the power in the Word of God and the blood of Jesus. Jer23:28, Hebrews4:12, Rev12:11, Math4:1-11
5. Prayer and Fasting. Isa58:6, Math17:21, Esther4:16

God Will Use You to Stop The devil. Heb13:8
Paul did. 2Tim4:7
Joseph did Gen43:26
Jesus did John19:30
Prayers: Oh God arise use me mightily to stop the devil by healing the sick, casting out devils, raising the dead, making the poor rich, bring joy to cities in Jesus name


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