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T Testimonies

We pray that you will be encouraged by the testimonies on this site. We pray that you will come to know the Lord Jesus intimately and His power of resurrection, producing a growth in your faith as you walk with our Lord Jesus. In Jesus' name.  Amen.

Victory Over Speech Impediment

"In one of our services, our Shiloh Sunday service, as the prayers were going on, a little boy suddenly started bleeding from the nose. As the mother got more concerned the bleeding stopped suddenly. The mother testified that the doctors had told her, the boy might have speech problems. God intervened after the bleeding, the little boy started speaking well." - Sis J.

Divine Healing!

We walked into a hospital to pray with one of our members, we were led to pray for a lady facing challenges with breast cancer. The husband sent this text to us: "Just wanted to thank God for everything including intervening in ( Sis J) situation with yourselves. It has been astonishingly more than 5 years and this evening ( Sis J) was formally discharged from clinical oncologist  and surgeon clinic from Barts and Whips Cross. We have been trying to get to you on a Thursday night but school and other circumstances have pressed us but at some point we will get there!"Bro J.


I just want to thank God for healing, I joined the Wednesday prayer and I was not feeling well at all. To my surprise I dreamt fighting with people, two people and I stabbed the other one and they left me, I woke up healed, Glory be to God and thank you for the prayers God bless you. - Bro F. Birmigham, UK

The Barren Are Fruitful!

Several barren women or ladies seeking the fruit of the womb that were prayed for in the RCCG- Fountain of Revival have their testimonies.

Divine Intervention

I got a job on contract, after some few months into the job, I noticed a strange lady who joined the job was out to push we out. She has even taken over my table, God intervened after a word of knowledge that there is somebody here God has restore your job. Indeed God restored me as my contract was about to be terminated early, I continued my contract, this strange lady was disgraced out of the job. She left in shame. Praise Jesus. - Bro J.

No More Failure!

PS, You may remember praying for one of our daughters 'B' who was struggling at university a few years back-- she recently graduated with 2:1 Degree in Law with Spanish from Sussex University. The word from the Lord was " There will be no more failure" Praise the Lord and thank you x.- Bro N.

Liver Cancer Healed

The doctor’s report from a test I carried out told me that I had liver cancer. I knew that death was knocking at my door and I told my husband to take care of our children if I died. I attended the Fountain of Revival Women’s Night Vigil and on this particular night, remembered the words of the pastor, “We are empowered to defeat the enemy.” Hence, I came to the night vigil with a single prayer point; deliverance from this evil report. I prayed effectively at the night vigil. Later that night I had a dream. In it, I saw myself going to meet my mum who had passed away. When she saw me she said, “What are you doing here? Go back!” I woke up and decided to go my doctor for another test. The second test was carried out but this time the report was different. No more cancer! Praise the Lord. - Sis F (2009)

Two Hours Labour After An Eleven Month Pregnancy

I was heavily pregnant and was on my way back to Nigeria when I was turned back at the airport. My pregnancy was overdue and I was not happy about it. Shortly after this incident, I saw the pastor of RCCG-Fountain of Revival doing a prayer walk outside the church venue. I joined the church and prayers were offered on my behalf at the first night vigil I attended. Yet the baby refused to come. One day, the pastor and his wife came to my house. We prayed in agreement that the baby should be delivered within 24 hours. On their way out of my house the pastor turned back and said he has been instructed by God to give me his jacket to wear. I put on the jacket and he prophesied that I should go in the anointing of the Lord upon his life and give birth. That day I went to the hospital. I was only 2cm dilated so the nurses told me that the delivery would take some time. On the contrary, I felt the baby was coming out and behold within two hours the baby was born. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy after eleven months. Our God is good. - Sis R (2009)

Turnaround In The Area Of Job

I had applied for several jobs but was never successful. The first day I joined the Fountain of Revival, God spoke to me through His servant. The man of God stated, “God said I should tell you, ‘Your story has changed and it will never be the same again.'” The following week I got a job. Glory and Praise to our God Most High. - Sis N (2009)


Sometimes when see people walking, we never know what is on their minds or the demons that may be oppressing them. We might think they are OK without realising they are on their way to destruction. That was my case, until God ordered my steps to the Fountain of Revival through a sister. I thank God for what He has started in my life. - Sis A (2010)

Change in Situation

The first time the pastor and his wife visited our home, the story was not pleasant. We prayed in agreement. Today we can testify that God has considerably changed our situation for good. God frustrated all the wicked plans of the enemy targeted at us. - Mr & Mrs J.T (2010)


I came to the UK on my husband’s visa. For some reason, my husband renewed his visa and left me out. When I went to the Home Office to renew my visa, I was told that my husband had already renewed his visa and that I was no longer attached to him. As a result, I was told that I would have to go back to my country. The gentleman asked me to leave my contact number, because he wanted to speak to his supervisor about my case. He rang me later and said the problem had been resolved and that my visa would be extended for another two years.When I went back to the Home Office to have my passport endorsed with the two year extension, I spoke to someone else. She told me that I have lived and worked in the UK long enough to qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). I instantly filled in a new form and my passport was endorsed with an ILR. Praise God. - Sis E (2010)

Joyful Reunion After Four Years of Waiting

I have been separated from my husband for about four years now. Our God, The Most High has reversed the situation and my husband and I have been reunited.  I thank God for making this happen. All glory and praise be to our God. I also thank the pastor and his wife for standing by me. - Sis F. (2010)

At Last My Certificate Can Be Of Use

I once had a dream that I saw my certificate, a 1st degree, flying until it entered into a wall.  The dream seemed funny, so I laughed about it, not knowing the spiritual implication of what had happened. That is when all my troubles began. Whatever I applied for or try to do using my degree never worked out. I was so frustrated until I had a dream this year following the July Fountain of Revival Shiloh Prayers (Power to Defeat Witchcraft). In this dream someone asked me, “Who are the people who say you should not forge ahead in life?” I replied, “I don’t know.” All of a sudden, I saw images of people I know very well. I began shouting, “Look at them! Look at them! They are the ones who say I should not forge ahead in life!” The person said to me, “It is okay. I will handle all of them. Go and do the things you have been unsuccessfully trying to do.” I woke up and that very week decided to try again. Behold, after years of rejection, the application I made with my certificate in July brought forth good news. It is the first time I have received a letter of congratulations in response to an application using my certificate. At last the devil has failed. My first degree can now be put to use. Praise God for destroying the power of the wicked over my progress. Praise God for lifting the satanic embargo placed on my advancement. He that has started a good work in my life will carry it out to completion in Jesus name. - Sis O (2010)
There have been several  testimonies of Jobs, provision, healing , favour in  immigration issues and spiritual transformation. There have been visibly spiritual and physical transformation  in the lives of most of our members. We  praise Jesus.
Are you encouraged by these testimonies? If you are, please praise God. Our testimony is a weapon to defeat Satan (Rev12:11) Through our testimonies we promote Jesus and His Church. Your testimony is a confirmation that the word of God is living and true. Do you seek to market Jesus through your testimony? Share your testimony.