Sunday, 31 May 2020

O Our Activities

Our Activities, Achievements and Performance.

  1. As a church we have continued to impact the community in Manor Park, East London, UK and the world through the preaching of the gospel and social action( hospitality).
  2. Our community engagement activities like giving out Christmas hampers to the community, food, soft drinks and biscuits on first Sundayof the month continues.
  3. We are financial partners to two orphanages, one of them dealing with Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
  4. Our yearly church and community dinner, Bold and Beautiful continue to bring people from different ethnic group and religion together every December.
  5. Our evangelism work and preaching of the gospel continue on social media, on the streets, train stations and markets across East London and other locations in the United Kingdom as the Holy Spirit leads.
  6. Our desire to give sound biblical based counselling and pastoral care to our church members and those who call us from across the world inspired us to encourage our pastoral team to seek diploma and post graduate training in ministry, counselling, missions and evangelism.
  7. Our social media activities and text messages to inspire, encourage and evangelise continues on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope and Wordpress. Since we joined Wordpress in 2010, we have over 44,216 views, the number of times our messages have been read. We have reach out to over one hundred countries including Saudi Arabia and Iraq through Wordpress.
  8. We have been very active members of Christian organisations and community engagement projects. We have led a school assembly, have assisted in teaching the bible in some primary school within Newham, East London. We actively take part in the activities of Hands Across Manor Park( HAMP) and Transform Newham in the United Kingdom.
  9. We do assist with bible lessons through Skype with a group in Pakistan and help in sending funds to purchase Urdu bibles for the fellowship.
  10. We have had some of the Councillors in our community visiting us. In March 2015, we had the MP for East Ham, Stephen Timms with us.
  11. For about five years now, we organise a women prayer event themed: A Day with the Holy Ghost. It's a one day women's prayer retreat open to people of all denominations and non to recharge, refire and refill.
  12. In August 2015, we established our first parish( church plant), the Redeemed Christian Church of God - Fountain of Revival Forest Gate Parish.